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Facility Usage Rules

Crown Point Schools and the Pups Board are asking that we all follow these guidelines when at any Pups game or practice:
1. Please do not roam the halls or go into areas not designated for Pups use.

2. No child is to bring a basketball to games. All coaches are to hold team balls until your team is in the gym. There is to be absolutely NO dribbling of basketballs in school hallways.

3. No one should sit, stand or climb on folded bleachers. The weight on them when folded causes them not to function properly.

4. Any school equipment not directly utilized for basketball is not to be used. This includes gymnastics mats stored in gyms. Please do not sit or climb on them.

5. All siblings of Pups players must be accompanied by a parent at practices and games.

6. Food and drinks are not allowed in gyms or halls of schools during practices.

It is important to realize that the janitors are responsible for the schools during the evening hours. They are being instructed to notify a coach if a child is not cooperative in stopping an activity deemed damaging to the facility.

The Pups Board members cannot attend every game and practice. We are asking that all parents help us enforce these guidelines by addressing any infraction.